History of founding and building process

In the year 1332 AH to 1953 AD, at a meeting attended by a group of Iranians residing in Hamburg Pierre Hotel, Atlantic City was held at the Islamic center and mosque building dialogue about the need for Iranians residing in the city was carried out. The proposal was welcomed by the participants met and Dayrh’ activity center and mosque is not restricted to the central Iranian city of Hamburg for all Muslims to be established. 

In the year 1332 AD. No.  1953 m. Letter of reference on behalf of the gathering to emulate when Ayatollah Boroujerdi was sent the proposal to establish a mosque for prayers and religious meetings for Muslims were considered. Mvafqtshan late Ayatollah Boroujerdi in a letter with the offer and $ 10 dollars Nnyz announced financial figures for the first draft was done. 
Second, in July of 1332. No.  June 23, 1953 m. The number of those interested was invited to a meeting during the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi was read mail. A nine-member board meeting Mdyrh’ the mosque building committee was elected as the men were: 
1 Haj Ali Naqi Kashani 2 H. delivery 3 Ali Mohammad Bagher Zadeh, 4 MT Blessings 5 M. Khosrow-Shahi, 6 Hamid Shojaei 7 Abdolali grace 8 MH Dehdasht 9 Hossein Ghaffari 
In addition to the above persons were also calculated a four-member board known as “Iranians” opened. 
With this action, the Board of businessmen in Tehran late Ayatollah Boroujerdi responsibility for fundraising proposal to build a mosque in Hamburg, took over. 
In the year 1334 1955 AD. Hojatoleslam Late Mr. Mohammed scholar Imam Mosque as Representative of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and began to work.On the ninth of October 1336 the first of October 1957. Current land area 4, 3744 in the amount of 250 thousand square meters, the mosque was purchased brand 1 and was registered. The amount of traders known whether Iranian Haj Qassem Hmdanyan was donated by the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi. 
On the twelfth of December 1336 the third in December 1957. By the board of building a competition was arranged in which three companies presented proposals for a mosque. The proposals for final selection of Qom for Ayatollah Boroujerdi was sent to him by Mr. Lor born to do it, the famous Iranian architect, was referred. Mr. Lor son designed the map, plan participants and Alyngyvs Shram schram. Elingius chose and the deficiencies noted in a separate letter. The plan worked as an Iranian engineer, Mr. P. Goldsmith M was prepared.Contract with the company was set up in March 1960 in the eleventh and preliminary infrastructure work Masjid area of 42, 832 square meters began. Pick the first building in the half of Sha ban 1370 AH. BC.Equal to 24 Persian date Bahman 1336 AH. No. And 13 February 1960. Coincides with the birth anniversary of Hazrat Mahdi pbuh with a group of Muslims and representatives of the City Hamburg scholar he was struck by Hojat and shortly after construction work began. 
Since January 1336 February 1960 , whose first building was the groundbreaking late-1341 1963 of disruption that occurred on the job almost finished building structures. With the death of Iran s late Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his return in late 1963, constantly re-working scholar mosque on construction and building committee was also due to the lack of adequate budget debtor German banks Perforce. Besides building remained unfinished for several problems involved, it was time to provide the Glayh’ City of Hamburg. Similarly, an article in the Hamburger Abendblatt Bndblat Hambvrgr half of all Muslims around the building and the street alongside Alastair Dryachh’ shoulder Aus Zysht Schone Aussicht Mnzrh’ beautiful entitled “Abandoned Mosque” was released. 
In mid-year 1342 1964 AD. In Tehran, Iran Chamber of Commerce, along with the amount credited to the account of the Hamburg mosque became so concerned about the debt settlement companies were Bank mosque. 
In the year 1343 1965 AD. With the approval of Ayatollah Beheshti Mosque was chosen as the reference time. The first sentence of the board for a new building with more members. In addition, the seven-member board of trustees consisting of the following members were elected: 
1 – Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti 
2 – Dr. Eng I. Moshiri 
3 – Ali Ammar 
4 – M. Iqbal 
5 – Holy Nemat Zadeh 
6 – M. Khosrow-Shahi 
7 – Good Maternity 
After long negotiations the new board assessment and concluded that it is not practical to check out Ykbarh’ Masjid mosque from being abandoned five-stage program of action should be performed: 
1 – Complete Vzvkhanh, administrative offices and library 
2 – Completion of the mosque s exterior 
3 – Completion of landscaping outside a mosque 
4 – complete the rest of the building including the dome 
5 – a residential building for a superintendent Mosque 

During 1966 and 1967, the administrative part of the mosque and the mosque s outer walls with tile assistance of the public and interested Tbrat Muslims in Hamburg and Tehran ended. However, the mosque was owed ​​to Bank Melli Iran. Pick up the date of the first mosque in the shuffle the past 7 years. 
Another important innovation was that the Ayatollah Beheshti Mosque Islamic Institute – a different culture, with the aim to cover all the Muslims of different nationalities and religions, and founded the Sun on 19 January, 1344 8 Fvryh’ 1966 Center Hamburg Islamic cultural activity initiated by Ayatollah Beheshti was registered in Germany and other countries of Europe began defiantly. 
In 1968, Mr. Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Beheshti Ayatollah Shabestari invited to travel to Hamburg, and in 1970 collaborated with the return of Ayatollah Beheshti, Iran Imam Mosque responsibility and management of the Hamburg Islamic Center was undertaken. 

From now until the martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti SB 1360 that the deceased was under the management of the Islamic Centre Hamburg and later with their leaders and managers were appointed. 
Span the years 1969 to 1979 in the construction of lecture halls, a mosque and some of the ground work that was completed. 
In the period 1357 to 1359 the responsibility Hojatoleslam Mohammad Khatami. No.  1978 to 1980 as the Imam of the mosque and Islamic center manager campaign coincided with the peak of the Muslim people of Iran Islamic Revolution despite getting Bsmr Gstrdh’ volume of activity in terms of building a mosque and a major effort was not possible. 

With the return of Mr. Khatami and Mr. M. Hojat undertake this responsibility from 1358 to 1370 during the preceding. No.  1980 to 1992 the restoration and reconstruction of the mosque and center, including a mosque in the basement of the building was completed and part of kitchen Sanitary Ware ceramics and equipment inside the dome was completed in 1989, simultaneous translation system was also in the lecture hall mosque.In addition, time management Hojatoleslam front, plans to build additional units in the center of the mosque, followed procurement and administrative procedures of the new building next to the old building is a mosque and Islamic center was the initial Hojatoleslam management at the time and implementation Ansari In the year 1378 2000 AD came to an end and the beginning Hojatoleslam Husseini was installed during the opening ceremony.

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