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Lawmaker: Iranian Nation Accepts No Precondition in Diplomatic Ties

A senior Iranian legislator blasted the European parliament for dropping a visit to Tehran after Islamic Republic officials did not accept its preconditions, and said the Iranian nation would never accept any precondition or prerequisite in its diplomatic relations with other states.

"Setting preconditions for diplomatic relations and meetings is a highly unconstructive, and rather destructive move and the sudden and unjustified cancellation of their (the European lawmakers') visit runs counter to such relations," member of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Saleh Jokar told FNA on Monday.

"The Iranian nation will never accept any precondition in its diplomatic ties and will not bow to force and pressure," he added.

His remarks came after the European lawmakers called off a much hyped about visit to Iran in the last moments.

Diplomatic sources in Tehran said the European Parliament had changed the agenda of their trip and demanded a meeting with a number of Iranian prisoners as a precondition for their visit, which was not accepted by Iran.

Noting that the European parliament is influenced by the Zionist lobby, Jokar said, "The European parliamentary delegation thought that by setting preconditions in the current conditions it can attain its goal which is obeying the Zionist regime."

The European delegation was initially due to discuss the western sanctions against Iran, and observers believe that the European Parliament was forced to change its agenda under the pressure of the Zionist lobbies.

A senior advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker declared Saturday that the EU delegation has set a specific precondition for the visit to Tehran, and Iran would not accept their prerequisite.

"The European parliamentary delegation has set a precondition for visiting Iran and will not accept this prerequisite as it runs counter to our policies," senior advisor of the Iranian parliament speaker Hossein Sheikhol-Eslam told FNA on Saturday.

The European parliamentarians were due to have a hectic agenda during the visit to Tehran, including several meetings with senior Iranian political and parliamentary officials.

The visit angered Israel which profoundly worried about the further expansion of ties between Iran and the European countries.

Tel Aviv strove hard to discourage the members of the EU parliament from visiting Tehran.

The Israeli media said that Israel was working to have the visit canceled.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Tuesday with European ambassadors to Israel, and praised the latest EU sanctions on Iran while noting that sanctions had not yet prompted Iran to halt its nuclear program.

Israel tried unsuccessfully earlier this summer to discourage nations from participating in a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran, and Netanyahu personally implored UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon not to attend, but was rebuffed.


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